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Team Development


We create high impact and flexible programmes. We provide challenge, support and a variety of interventions to accelerate team effectiveness, develop collaborative teams and transform dysfunctional teams into high performing teams.


Does your team…

  • Find reasons to avoid spending time together?
  • Fail to tap into the opinions and views of each other?
  • Revisit decisions again and again?
  • Suffer from lack of clarity and focus?

    We know from experience that people who feel good about themselves perform better. Research tells us that high functioning teams who enjoy their working environment and interpersonal relationships will deliver better business results.

    Based on our experience of working with many diverse organisations in this area, we have created a high impact and flexible programme for senior teams that will enable them to:

    • Create and communicate a clear vision and strategy
    • Build greater collaboration and trust
    • Develop good processes and systems to enable efficient delivery of objectives
    • Enhance working relationships with each other
    • Focus on delivering excellence in all they do

    We run face to face or virtual programmes depending on need.


    Our Approach to Team Development

    Step 1: Meeting with Director/Manager of the team.
    • Understand needs of leader and team
    • Discuss current team climate and issues
    • Contract on objectives, process and success measures
    Step 2: Individual and team diagnostic tools.
    • Diagnostics include a choice of psychometrics, 360 profiling and team profiling

    Step 3: Team away day. Teamtalk team analysis.
    • Team complete the Teamtalk assessment
    • Present results and analyse key issues in the team
    • Agree 5 point Team Action Plan
    • Agree individual Action Plans

    Step 4: 1-1 Coaching session to support Leader to follow up and get the best from the team.
    • What changes do they need to make individually as the leader of the team?
    • What process/structural changes need to be made?
    • Agree action plan and timescales
    Step 5: Shadow Day – Observe the team in a Board or Leadership team meeting.
    • Facilitate review using the Teamtalk dimensions
    • Give observations and feedback to team and individuals
    • Agree what is working well/what could be better?
    • Review Action Plan
    Step 6: Follow up team away day.
    • Review Action plans and progress
    • Team working using Insights profiles
    • Work on current team issues: strategy, team working or business goals
    Step 7: Coaching sessions with team members.
    • Option of further coaching sessions with leader and team members to continue working on personal leadership goals

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