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Meeting your needs

We create the learning experiences people need to develop.

The provision of learning resources on a large scale in organisations is necessary but in our experience is not enough in itself to create the learning experiences people need to develop. Where learning is left to chance, it often fails to achieve the levels of commitment and attainment needed by the business to achieve its objectives.

We differentiate ourselves from other organisations by focusing on engaging with the learner in their learning, encouraging autonomy and responsibility for progress towards the achievement of their goals.

We understand that effective development results in change.

We work with our clients to foster an environment where:

  • Individuals know what is expected of them and how they match up against those expectations.
  • Individuals are motivated to develop, have access to methods to gain knowledge and develop their skills, and have opportunities to practice those skills.
  • Individuals are responsible for their development and the outcomes they achieve as a result.

We understand that leadership and management roles can be challenging and complex.

Management and leadership roles are frequently more challenging and complex and require a greater level of individual motivation and persistence to achieve performance improvements.

Our programmes build motivation and responsibility, provide safe environments in which to experiment, provide opportunities to share experiences and learn from others, and explicitly link attainment back to your organisation’s performance management processes.

We understand that no-one knows your business like you do.

We know that you are working with a unique set of challenges and opportunities, so our first step is always to listen and to understand.

  • We meet with you and your key stakeholders to understand your challenges, opportunities and the outcomes you are seeking
  • We create a proposal, bringing your ideas and ours together to create the best solution
  • We design bespoke programmes that meet your specific needs
  • We deliver the programme using the right team, chosen by you

We provide a blended approach, with individual coaching, online content, and face to face or virtual classes to create programmes that deliver lasting change