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About Us

Why Represent?

  • We do not provide “off the shelf” solutions. Each intervention is designed specifically for your people, taking their needs into account together with your required outcomes as a business.
  • We will constructively challenge the status quo and stretch individuals in their coaching to ensure you achieve lasting results.
  • Our team have held senior operational roles in a number of industry sectors. As such we bring a pragmatic and realistic approach to leadership development, based on theory and practice rather than a purely academic perspective.

Our Values

  • We believe that every client is different; we work to meet their diverse needs
  • We treat diverse opinions with respect, and we do not avoid necessary challenge
  • We believe that people who feel good about themselves perform better
  • We believe in long-term relationships where we work in partnership with our clients, being honest about what we can do

What We Do

When delivering a development programme, we make the experience both enlightening and involving for the participants. In our experience, people who feel good about themselves perform better. We continually challenge both the status quo and individuals to ensure that agreed individual and organisational objectives are achieved.

Leadership Development

We produce tailor-made programmes which are designed round the individual and organisation and continually adapted throughout the duration to maintain relevance.

Team Development

We believe that effective team working is a strategic imperative, not a choice. 



We design and provide Masterclasses in Leading Change, Facilitation Skills and Consulting Skills.


Our coaching approach challenges current thinking to help individuals make sense of themselves or situations, supports them to expand the boundaries of what is possible, resulting in improved business performance. 


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