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Coaching to maximise potential at all levels


Our coaching approach challenges current thinking to help individuals make sense of themselves or situations and supports them to expand the boundaries of what is possible, resulting in improved business performance.

Our own experience as practicing coaches has helped our clients to experience a range of positive outcomes which include increased self-awareness, improved personal resilience more effective goal, stronger leadership, stronger performance and enhanced confidence.

As a result, organisations see benefits in productivity, quality, customer service, improved teamwork, better communication, and the retention of talented people.

We provide coaching for specific groups of people at key moments in their development. We can also help you to develop coaches within your organisation to foster a positive coaching culture that is self-sustaining through our Institute of Leadership and Management Coach Practitioner Programme.

Depending on your requirements, we provide personality profile diagnostics, 360° feedback profiling and ongoing phone and email support. We ensure we create clear agreement on roles and responsibilities, confidentiality and outcomes between the coach, the coaching client, and the organisation sponsor. We focus on behavioural change and clear actions at the end of each session. We challenge and support in order to help people think differently and make better decisions.

Our Approach

Step 1 – Agree a clear contract of what you want to achieve from the coaching – objectives – measures – confidentiality.
Step 2 – Three to six coaching sessions – 1-2 hours duration each.
Step 3 – Review and agree next steps.

Transition Coaching

For individuals who have recently moved into a new role or new company.

  • How do you make an impact as quickly as possible?
  • Do you need to understand the culture of your new company and work out how to make things happen?
  • Do you understand who the key players are and how to develop better working relationships?
  • What are your priorities for the first 90 days?
High Potential Coaching

For individuals who are preparing for that next role and have the motivation to achieve excellence


  • What are your next steps?
  • How well do you know what is expected of you in your next role?
  • How aware are you of your strengths and areas for development?
  • Are you maximising your strengths?
  • Do you know how to develop the skills you need?
Performance Improvement Coaching

For managers who are not realising thier full potential

  • Do you need help with your management style?
  • Do you have difficulties in managing a particular situation or individual?
  • How aware are you of your impact on those around you?
  • How well do you translate good intentions into action?
  • How clear are you about what your stakeholders need from you?
Executive Coaching

For leaders who are responsible for delivering high performance through their teams

  • Are you seen as a leader that people want to follow?
  • What would your team say about you as their leader?
  • Do you inspire others to produce their best?
  • Do you need more time for quality thinking?
  • Do you need a confidential sounding board?
Executive Team Coaching

For Boards and Executive teams who need to work as one team to deliver business results in a challenging market

  • Does the team collaborate or compete with each other?
  • Do individuals work at the right level?
  • Does the team use the individual’s skills and expertise to the best advantage?
  • What level of challenge and feedback exists in the team?
  • What value does this team add to the company?

The The Institute of Leadership & Management Coach
Practitioner Programme