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Robert’s straightforward, insightful and professional approach enables senior executives and managers to become the best they can be. His commercial background makes him a highly effective catalyst for sustainable performance improvement. Robert has a powerful ability to pinpoint unfulfilled potential, blocks to performance and the possibilities for change. Clients are able to fully explore and understand their motivations, thinking, strategies and interpersonal relationships. His tough but approachable manner combines with a fine understanding of human behaviour and enables his clients “to go wherever they need to go “ – strategically, commercially, emotionally in the conversation.

“ I don’t believe you can coach effectively by just applying one discipline or approach. The fact is that most individuals are exactly that, individual. What works with one person will not work with another. The ability to find the approach that will enable the individual to gain insights and understanding about themselves and their behaviour has to be at the heart of a great coaching experience.”

Robert’s current coaching clients include, CEO of an investment company, FD of top 250 company, senior executives in Investment Banking, high potential managers in a technology company and Law firm partners.

Recent client quote: “I have always had an aversion to “management speak” and felt sceptical about coaching but I can thoroughly recommend Robert Adam as someone who is very astute, practical and tough. He has helped me to be ready to deal with difficult issues with his “jargon free” approach.” Equity Partner at leading Law Firm

Robert is an accredited Insights practitioner. He has completed the first year of his Ashridge Coaching accreditation and attends Coaching supervision at Ashridge.

mobile: +44 (0)7711 730566  •  [email protected]