Written from a practitioner viewpoint with case studies and examples from a wide variety of industries, this is a practical text for Learning & Development and Human Resource practitioners, providing an in-depth treatment of all the aspects of people development within today’s organizations.

Readers will want more than just the theory – they want to know how to apply it as an internal consultant and what the potential pitfalls can be. Most importantly, they want practical strategies for introducing and implementing new management development practices. The text shows how to apply new approaches to old problems and provide new ways of creating high performance within an organization.

This book offers an in-depth explanation of the key principles, problems to be addressed and strategies for success in developing effective managers and leaders. The style is both pragmatic and tactical, based on academic theory but grounded in the day to day reality of what is possible in today’s organizations.

  • Shows how to motivate both the high performers and the low performers to deliver performance.
  • Workable strategies for developing the role of internal Learning and Development consultants within a changing and flexible environment.
  • Highly practical based on proven theory and practical experience.

Author: Rosemary Ryan

Publication Date: 24 Sep 2007 | ISBN-10: 0750681934 | ISBN-13: 978-0750681933

“Most Senior HR and Learning Development Managers are familiar with academic theories of leadership, but many find it difficult to apply these theories in their own organization. Rosemary Ryan’s text will help them bridge this gap through the use of frameworks and examples which link relevant theory to practice. The book draws upon her extensive experience across a wide organizational spectrum and will provide the reader with many ideas about practical leadership development.”
Dr Philip Stern, Professor of Marketing, Bangor Business School



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