Deborah Vitai Deborah is a consultant within the team of Represent Ltd, a leadership development consultancy. Represent Ltd focuses on working with companies to build their overall leadership development strategy and supports them in developing the skills of their leaders and managers.

The enjoyment that Deborah derives from working with people is the reason that she has spent more than twenty years in the field of professional development. Deborah is a skillful facilitator and coach who has worked with individuals and groups at all organisational levels, from Board through to graduate trainees. She has a talent for building rapport and she has established many long-term business relationships during the span of her career.

As a facilitator, Deborah has successfully delivered a range of modular leadership programmes, capitalising on the opportunity to build individual and group capability over the course of several months. She has extensive experience of delivering ‘soft skills’ workshops that enable leaders at every level to be more effective in areas such as performance management and handling difficult conversations, career management, building resilience and influencing. #

Deborah’s experience of training design and delivery can be a useful source on which to draw when coaching. She sees coaching as a vital support tool for leaders, providing a forum for powerful questions, talking confidentially, being listened to and the ‘coachee’ always leaving a session with a commitment to act on a plan derived from their own insights.
Deborah has developed and coached individuals and groups from a multiple organisations across the public and private sectors, including insurance, financial services, engineering, construction, entertainment, education, social services and retail.

Deborah’s consultancy work builds on the business experience she gained from various roles in retail and financial services (Marks & Spencer, Lloyds Bank). Her qualifications and credentials include a Social Sciences and Arts degree (Open University), Certificate & Diploma in coaching, ‘Level A’ BPS training, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Level 1 and a certificate in online teaching.